About us

The winery, founded in 1996 by Attila Juhász and his brother, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. The family winery began as a tiny, roughly 1.5-hectare smallholding. The first big leap in the winery’s life was in 2002, when nearly 10 hectares of newly planted vines came into production, including some in outstanding vineyards such as Paptag, while a modern winery was built in the cellar on Kőlyuktető in Eger. 2010 was also a year of outstanding importance. This was when the Juhász Rosé was launched, bringing national popularity to the winery. In 2018, second generation Ádám Juhász took over the management of the winery and the winemaking. That same year, the winery’s new winemaking facility, featuring some of the most advanced technology in the country, was handed over. Today, the Juhász brothers’ wines are made from the fruit of nearly 350 hectares of vines. They are renowned for their high quality, pure fruit and unmistakeable varietal character. They have also won numerous medals in many Hungarian and international wine competitions.

Our philosophy

Infinite fruitiness resulting from a combination of tradition and modern technology.



Our 350-hectare vineyard is in the Eger wine region. Our most important vineyards are located on the edges of Eger, Egerszalók, Egerszólát, Demjén, Nagytálya, Andornaktálya and Maklár. Black varieties cultivated include Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Portugieser, Zweigelt, Blauburger and Merlot, which form an excellent basis for making Egri Bikavér. Our white wines are made from Muscat Ottonel, Irsai Olivér, Olaszrizling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Leányka. We have both old and newly planted vineyards. We employ state-of-the-art cultivation methods for new plantings. These vineyards are cultivated within the framework of the agri-environmental programme. The vineyards are trained using VSP and Guyot. Our two most important vineyards are Paptag (10 ha) and Gesztenyés (6 ha), familiar names to many. These two vineyards produce the winery’s top red wines each year.

Az Egri Borvidék

The Eger wine region

The Eger wine region with its 6,040 hectares of vineyards is in the northeast of Hungary, on the western slopes of the Bükk Mountains, 120 km from the capital Budapest. It is divided into two districts in terms of protection of origin: Eger and Debrő. It includes the city of Eger and 19 other small towns and villages. It is the birthplace of excellent, high-quality, elegant wines, which the reddish-brown clay and volcanic soils endow with extremely rich aromas and complexity. The city and its surroundings are a famous historical wine region, where the traditions of viticulture and producing excellent wines date back a thousand years. The Eger wine region underwent extremely rapid development following the regime change, with its area also significantly increased by replanting both old and new grape varieties in the best vineyards.


The winery also has a hospitality centre boasting many facilities. This not only evokes a classic wine cellar atmosphere but also helps visitors discover the wine region and our vineyards and follow the path of the grapes from harvesting to bottling. The intimate wine tasting corners provide excellent spots for individual wine tastings, while the imposing tasting room is also ideal for friends, family and corporate events as well as exclusive receptions and weddings of up to 100 people.


Juhászvin Kft.
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Pincészet: +36 20 215 1608
Borkóstolásra Bejelentkezés: +36 20 215 1608 , borkostolo@juhaszvin.hu
Palackozó és Raktár
3394 Egerszalók, Posta u. 2.

Titkárság, Értékesítés: +36 70 365 8239, +36 20 960 4099
Email: info@juhaszvin.hu

Kalán Sándor +36 30 958 3272 Email: kalan.sandor@juhaszvin.hu
Vályi Katalin +36 30 732 3287 Email: valyi.katalin@juhaszvin.hu

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A projekt azonosítószáma/szerződés száma: H-EKTG2/107562/2023/300688/001
A kedvezményezett neve: JUHÁSZVIN Kft.
Kölcsön összege: 149.000.000 Ft

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